A BFF Breakup

Like any break up or fall out, its hard difficult dealing and resolving problems. Its something you learn over time and experience. Having a fall out with a close friend can be one of the worst, someone you share everything with. You might be feeling lost or alone.

Our tips of dealing with a BFF break up - 

Act now 
The longer you wait to try to smooth things over, the greater the risk that you'll stay mad at each other. Don't leave it too long.  Don't send messages via text as your tone might be miss read, always call so you can have a 2 sided conversation.

You should be able to talk honestly and truthfully with a really good friend in spite of a falling out. If there's a real issue that caused this dispute, discuss it and try to reach a solution.
For instance if you're upset because your best friend has no time for you since they've started going out with someone, you need to have an honest disscuassion and try to understand each other's point of view.

Talk to them yourself, don't ask another friend to tell them how you feel, be direct. 
using a middle man might make it look as though you don't have the courage or care enough to deal with issues yourself.

No matter what your fall out was over, if you still care about your friend you need to tell them otherwise they might just think that you're not interested in your friendship anymore hence wont make an effort. Tell them how much you value the friendship. It will be so much easier to put difference aside when you both realise how much that friendship means to both of you. Try starting the convo with an inside joke to ease in.

Arguments with best friends  can easily become pretty brutal. Even if you are still angry, always try to be reasonable and civil when you see or are around your friend.
Don't bitch about them behind their back. As they might here about it which will weaken the chances of rebuilding the friendship.

If worst comes to worst, Its possible that your friendship has had its day. No matter how close you and somebody once worse if they have become toxic in your life it might be beneficial to your wellbeing to cut ties.

Most disagreements with your best friend are repairable, if they really are a best friend, you'll both want to put things right. Good luck xx

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