Popping your cherry?

Here we're discussing the 'hymen hype' for thousands of years, many cultures have believed that "breaking" the hymen caused pain, hence why people today still think that women experience pain during their first sexual experience.

Well sorry to pop this rumour but hymens are somewhat of a myth; Or rather the intact plastic rapper version is. Virginial hymens that 'pop' or 'pierce' inside of us do not exist. The intact hymen almost never covers the entire vagina. If it did, girls that are virgins could not menstruate.

Estrogen primes the tissue to stretch and wear away as girls develop, and the shape and size of a hymen varies from person to person.
By the time many women have sex, that vaginal corona may have devolved from a doughnut to an unnoticeable rubber band all by itself. Girls can also stretch and tear the hymen by sexual activity, sports, horse riding, gymnastics, dancing, masterbation and inserting tampons

But isn't there supposed to be blood on the sheets like Anna Karenina? Bleeding during the first time you have sex is yet another myth.
"63% 'according to one small-scale survey'losing their virginity was neither physically uncomfortable nor messy. Sex educators instead attribute bleeding during first sexual intercourse to what Michael Castleman at Psychology Today cringingly called “non sensual, poorly lubricated, piston-like intercourse.” Having an unpleasant first sexual experience may be due to girls not feeling ready and willing to have sex for the first time.

So i'm glad we've cleared that up for you.

Our tips for a pain free first time 

• Make sure you want to and that you are doing it for yourself

• Ensure there is consent on both sides

• Gooooo slooooowww

• At least 10 mins of foreplay


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