Dont't look at yourself through their eyes

If you saw this girl in the street you wouldn't think she had anorexia would you? NO! Because she is smiling and looks confident. But the sad thing is? This girl does have anorexia, because anorexia is just as much a mental illness as it is a physical one.
I feel people hold onto the stereotypical 'skeleton' of anorexia and bulimia. For those without an illness, this means that they may not see or understand that people are suffering around them. And those with the illness are made to feel like they can't tell anyone of their struggles, in fear that they will seem 'fake' or 'over exaggerating'. 
I look healthy but my mind is still at war each day, I eat what looks like a normal diet, but I am so proud of myself for every mouthful that I consume. 

This post is here to raise awareness for those suffering, who have never met or no longer meet the stereotype of someone some who suffers with an eating disorder. Our minds fight secret battles each day and we need to support each other through any storms that we may face, society can be ignorant but we don't have to be.

- Words by Ruby Layram 

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