Body hair dont care

My nick name in year 5 was spider. This was purely from the fact I had very dark hair that seemed to radiate from my pre pubescent limbs. All the other girls and probably half the boys, in my class, had yet to experience a single sprout of leg hair, as such found mine very bazar.

Passing from this tiny trauma or mild bullying, I always found my body hair something to be ashamed of. Plucking, tweezing, epilating, shaving, bleaching and waxing, I have tried and tested them all, and Im now questioning why?

More than half of all women are concerned about excess body hair, ranking it just behind weight gain for body dissatisfaction.
We are living in a time when 90% of women remove the hair from their legs, arms, armpits and of corse hair down there.

I am not preaching for or against shaving body hair, but I am promoting that you should do what works for you. Your body is yours, and your decisions to what you do to it should be yours and only yours. 

go against the grain babes. 

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